What We Do

DGC is a full-service Amazon Management firm that helps brand owners, like yourself, take the pain out of working with Amazon so you can grow, frustration-free, while protecting your brand in the process.

We take over the complete e-commerce strategy, including day-to-day operations, of your Amazon sales channel, to increase your sales, profitability and customer satisfaction.

Eye Balls

(Content Management)

Getting as many of them on YOUR products, rather than the competition's

Enhanced Content

So many brand listings look the same. Stand out from the crowd with our A+ content services.

Search Presence

We ensure you have the right search terms, in the right places, in your listing, to drastically boost your Amazon presence.

Brand Registry

Is your brand protected from counterfeiters and listing hijackers? If not, Brand Registry is the first place to start.

Copy Writing

Leveraging our knowledge of Amazon’s A10 search algorithm, we ensure you index for the optimal search results, in a way that flows naturally

Mobile Optimization

With > 50% of searches coming from Smartphones, we ensure your listing and offers are mobile friendly.

Product Photography

We create powerful product images that show your potential customers exactly what you’re selling and answer key questions

Day-To-Day Admin

(Account Management)

Handling the necessary tasks to make your business run smoothly, so your customers can be served and you don't get stressed

Success Measurement

We use $10,000+ worth of software tools and systems to interpret and report on data that can give you a massive edge over your competitors on Amazon.

Reseller Monitoring

Are resellers of your brand playing by the rules? Honoring MAP pricing? Respecting your intellectual property rights? We are your watch dog!


We help ensure your customers receive overwhelming value, which leads to improved review ratings.

Know You're The BEST

(Promotion & Advertising)

We already know that, but we make sure your customers and prospects know it too!

Audience Marketing

We'll help you find your target audience and then market directly to them.

Brand Presence

Your brand is totally awesome, but is that awesomeness showing up on Amazon? If not, we can help.

Pay Per Click

We use proven advertising solutions to boost eyeballs on your listing and increase sales.

Product Positioning

How do customers see your product on Amazon compared to “related products” that show up on your listing?

Ensure Customers Can Find & Buy

(Catalog Management)

We make sure the customer buying experience is as smooth as possible, regardless of how many products you have

Catalog Optimization

We work with your team to make sure current pricing, opt-in programs, and quantities are within Amazon terms of service, maximizing profits and hitting the goals we set together as a team

Your Customers Should Be YOUR Customers

(Post Purchase Customer Management)

Right now, Amazon owns your customer relationship. We ensure you have a loyal customer base that wants to buy from you

Customer Ownership

Increase repeat purchases, drive better organic search term ranking, get more reviews, and build a real asset via our turn-key email marketing solution


In order to provide the highest level of service, we work with brands on an application-only basis.

If you’d like us to review your brand on Amazon to see if you’re a good fit for our agency, please fill out this simple form and we will follow-up with you in a couple days.

Even if we don’t think your brand is a good fit for us, we’ll share a few key things we find while reviewing your products on Amazon that you can do to instantly increase your revenue.
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